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You have found us! One of New Zealand’s best kept secrets…

So you are looking

for a new website or to have your current site updated or redesigned – right?
If you are a new business it might be better if you start here.

We are…

A small family run business who have created a sustainable and profitable business model that has kept us going for over a decade. This does allow us a certain amount of freedom and to maintain our ethics.

Are we right for you?

We know we are not right for all clients and on the flip side not all potential clients are a good fit for our business. As a starting point we really are a family business and are not interest in working with Adult Content, grey area businesses or short term projects.

Still here!

OK great, well we are sure we can build you an affordable website which we hope will exceed your expectations…

This is not a sales pitch but it is really important for us that we first understand your business and what you offer. We will find out how you fit in your market place, and if you have an existing website, how well it meets your online needs.

If you have social media accounts, this can give us an invaluable insight.

We only have one way of building sites and that is to try the best we can to produce a site that works for you.

In simple terms, this means getting to the point where you are happy and have a website that works for you and we have a long term client whose business we understand.

While we are starting to learn about your business we would be starting to formulate some ideas of how your new site might look.

We would look at your logo (if that needs updating - we can certainly do that for you) and any colours or branding you have used online.

For logo design we would put an ideas sheet together for you to view and comment on.

We can also create a front page preview, to share with you. See the 'Collaboration and methods of working together' section below.

We begin by using a 'Mind Map' to plan the pages for your site and how they will all link together. It does not really matter if you site has 5 pages or 50, the planning process is pretty much the same.

We can also start looking at any special sections your site might need, these would then be designed and built during the development stage.

You will receive a copy of our proposed site architecture and we would discuss this and amend accordingly.

We are very happy to work with you BUT we are equally happy to handle every aspect of your new website ensuring you have a professional looking site, developed to bring all the advantages of the internet to your business.

We are happy to create all the content for your site and can produce both the images and copy (text).

It is far better to get as much input as we can from you, but saying that, we have built sites before after just a 10 minute conversation with a client. In these cases all we ask is that they read through everything we have created to ensure we have got it right.

We do have a lot of experience working with clients and over the years have developed or created a tool set that works.

We are really most happy and productive when sitting in front of a computer screen, so you will be using:

  • Our private live chat system
  • Our cloud storage for sharing all images and documents
  • Screen sharing for site previews and training

If you have never used these methods before, don't let that put you off. It is very straightforward and you'll soon appreciate the time saving benefits from traditional face to face meetings.

Hopefully by this stage you have a bit more understanding of how our business works.

We do approach every new client with the understanding that they will be with us long term.

May we also say that we do want to make our services affordable and we do not want to use your businesses working capital  or borrowed money to pay for your new site. 

We are flexible in our approach.

OK, so what is the actual cost then?

Let us try and answer this by first saying

"Hands down the most expensive site you can purchase is a cheap site that does not work".

Maybe this might help: We have build sites from as little as few hundred dollars - to over forty thousand. So really the cost of your new site needs to be firstly affordable and secondly absolutely must meet all your business needs.

Make or break

We are entering times where a website can literally make or break a business... we are not only taking about eCommerce and purely online businesses here.

So to answer your question about cost, we really need to understand your business, show you our proposed site layout and architecture (covered in the point above) before we all understand what your new site needs.

We can then look at this and your budget and work out how to best to realise your new website.

Additional costs or hidden charges?

Absolutely not! Everything is clear, upfront and transparent. We can also confirm you are never tied in to any of our services and can cancel at anytime - effective at the end of your current billing cycle!

Comparing us to the competition

Web design is an absolutely saturated marketplace place and we have seen so many businesses come and go over the years that it is not worth mentioning. The bottom line is that our business model and approach is incomparable with the vast majority of web design and media companies.

If what we have said so far makes sense to you, then we are on our way to a happy long term relationship and you really do not need any more than we offer.

We are not kidding by saying we're one of New Zealand's best kept secrets!

We do endeavour to work to your timescales and appreciate that you are likely to be very busy.

As a rule we generally do not chase our clients and if we are awaiting information and you are busy -we will patiently wait.

You are not alone...

That is fine - you get on with your business and leave your online computer stuff to us.

To expand on this, have a look at our point about 'What do we need from you?', we think we have covered everything, but if not just contact us and let's talk it through.

Well, you do need a domain name but we can both recommend one to you and register it on your behalf, so we have that covered.

Hosting and email

We provide you website hosting and all email accounts you need - this is covered in our ongoing care hosting subscription.

Security and issues

This is what we do. We monitor and update all the sites on our Care hosting. Generally we are aware of issues long before you are, and in many cases they are fixed before you even know there is an issue.


We got you covered, this is our responsibility.

Updates and changes

This is not a problem. Generally small and ongoing updates are covered by your subscription and if not we would advise you beforehand. You can of course have admin access and change or update content yourself, in this case we are available if you get stuck.

Well, up until now (and let's say as long as you see this message) we have never had a client that was never more than satisfied with the site we built for them, but if you are the exception we would not charge you for your site.

From our standpoint, we have no interest in falling out about money or charging a client for a site they were not delighted with.

As previously mentioned,  our business is all about long-term, happy clients.

Thank you for your interest in using our services, you may email us on request a call back here or complete the enquiry form, below.

Web design enquiry form

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  • All enqiries are handled through our Secure Client Portal
  • All information supplied is regarded as private and confidential

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    What's included and offered

    All our sites include:

    • Email accounts as needed
    • CMS – allowing you access to easily manage and update your content
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Ongoing maintenance, support and help as needed
    • Responsive design to work on all devices and browsers
    • A framework that can grow and develop as your business does

    We can also offer

    • Facebook business page designed with your corporate branding and linked to your site
    • Twitter account customised using your corporate branding
    • Branding and graphics including logo design, fliers, business cards and promotional material
    • Photography and video production
    • Market research and competition analysis
    • Marketing and promotional campaigns
    • Online business applications such as invoicing, helpdesks and customer or project management
    • Adding your business to Google places and maps

    Our services are all tailored to fit your businesses needs, both now and in the future