We can help you get ready for take off!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get a website set up for your new business. It introduces a new way of looking at your business ideas and really helps to nail down the fundamentals of what you are offering.

You are able to bounce ideas off us and in return we can offer advice or make suggestions which you might not have originally thought of.

When you work with us, you do not get a web design agency waiting for you to provide text and images, you get a team of experienced people actively working with you to help you develop your business.

How does a website help?

  • A giant leap forward – turning your ideas into a potential business
  • Creates a clear picture of exactly what services / products you are providing
  • Helps you define your target audience and marketplace
  • Shows potential suppliers, agencies and service providers that you mean business!
  • Creates a corporate identity – we can design your business logo
  • Email address linked to your business ‘
  • Allows time for your website to get indexed by the search engines
  • You have something to show your potential customers or clients

We can also offer you:

  • Online market research – competition identification and analysis
  • Branding and graphics – logo design, fliers, business cards and promotional material
  • Online business applications – invoicing, project management and customer management
  • Photography and video production
  • Internet marketing
  • Help and advice

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